Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bare Necessities

Credit cards have the tendency to transport you to a magical far-off land where debt is a mythical beast restrained if only for a moment, where beautiful things can be had at the flick of a wrist, at a simple click of the mouse with no immediate repercussions.

I may have to subsist on Cup O'Noodles and boxed wine till the next pay cycle but, damnit, I'll look good from the ankle-down doing it.  I present to you my collective shoe purchases documented ever so diligently on this and next month's credit card statements:  

Free People lace-up boots.  I wear these suckers everywhere, and even though they give me E.T. feet (formed by the impressions of the laces) and in the land of Uggs where I reside, some unkind snickers.. I LOVE THEM.  They are supremely comfortable and make my legs look quite shapely. 

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The doc martens were the luckiest bargain purchase, as my wonderfully keen boyfriend so eagerly pointed them out at the local American Vintage amongst a sea of men's military boots priced at $20.  "But they look so big, they're definitely not my size," me thinks.  But once applied they melded perfectly to my feet.  Like a punky Cinderella I had found my glass slipper.  "Who the hell gets rid of their docs?", the bf says.   I wholeheartedly agreed, these babies are keepers for life.  

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Aww the puckles! or the punk buckles.. as the ever so witty Andi Belle of the blog hungry eyes so cleverly coined.  The multi-strap Jeffrey Campbell Potion are the poor man's answer to the coveted Chloe Sevigny's I've been drooling over for ages. 

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The gorgeous metallic plum wine Camilla Skovgaard boots satisfy my need for color and puckles in a very cool way.  Priced at 75% off, they were a steal.  

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